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Simplify Ecommerce-scale Delivery Ops

Software that can run forward to reverse logistics across multiple centres & cities
Automated Workflows

Simple Workflows that connect all manual tasks on DC floor. Cuts delivery planning time by half and runs multiple shifts quickly.

Customized Delivery Maps

Maintain your own delivery maps built on NLP that return accurate delivery locations from addresses. Address-Location context improves with reruns, reduce delivery time.

Smart Delivery Clusters not Pin Codes

AI groups shipments intelligently based on changing distribution profile every day. Forget planning by pin codes or localities and reduce delivery costs and time.


Deliveries are complicated

Old Processes and Lack of Systems keeps Delivery Costs High
Manual Planning is inefficient

Logistics playbook of 2000s built on model of postal-services. Slow, inefficient DC floor ops coupled with big on-field delivery workforce. This can change!

Delivery Costs remain high

High delivery costs stem directly from low delivery output & excess capacity. Manual workflows makes change difficult.

Last Mile Connectivity

Inaccurate zip codes & new delivery addresses appearing keeps last mile connectivity a challenge. Public Maps too expensive to store & update such records.

Setup Your Delivery Systems in minutes

Use the entire stack or abstract services separately as APIs