Features - Transporter : Simplify and Intellify Deliveries

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Powerful tools with simple
workflows to manage deliveries

AI-enabled operations stack as service to make your delivery operations smarter and leaner

Transporter Clients

Do More in Less Time

Move from manual planning to automated deliveries using AI

Automate Delivery Planning

Forget sitting on spreadsheets, ledgers or emails scheduling pickups and deliveries. Seamless Plug&Play layer manages shipments without fail.

Increase Delivery Output

No scheduled deliveries go undelivered. Our AI picks Delivery routes that auto- adjust to delays & achieve target delivery output every day without fail.

Reduce Delivery Costs

Reduce fulfillment costs by using a smaller & more optimized fleet of runners for same/higher deliveries.

Make orders reach customers early

Combine orders into batches. Schedule more deliveries per rider

Orders Reach Customers Faster

Schedule deliveries on routes designed for minimum delivery time. Leave no customer waiting.

Save Delivery Time = Save Money

A/B Test delivery planning. AI picks best schedules to pick, sort & deliver an order. Drive down delivery costs by 40%.

Maximize Rider Performance

Adjust fleet size automatically to spike in deliveries. Improve rider productivity by 25% on traffic-clogged, poor access areas.

Delight Your Customer

Plan like a monkey, update like a Pro

Manage & Share ETAs

Auto-trigger SMS notifications to let customers know when deliveries should be expected. Predict delays & share accurate ETAs.

Real Time driver tracking

Allow customers to track drivers as they move. Reduce “where is my driver” calls to achieve faster completion.

Feedback on Performance

Use real customer feedback to grade delivery planning and riders. Allow them to contact riders with a single tap.

Measure, Measure, Measure

Use data to design a smart, on-demand delivery infrastructure

Measure Business Goals

Whether it is throughput or store location or delivery fleet, get advanced reports to improve business goals.

Monitor Fleet Performance

Monitor individual & team performance on deliveries. Incentivise Riders.

Set Team Targets

Plan increase in delivery orders and set ambitious team targets with predictive analytics.