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What is Transporter?

Software as a Service for Delivery Automation

What does the Software do?

The software can automate local to inter-city delivery operations for small retailers to large logistics companies. The platform uses data & AI to help A) schedule cargo deliveries (dispatch/pickup/drop) on fastest routes for maximum throughput, B) track cargo with intelligent alerts & share updates with customers and C) plan improvements in operations with heuristic data as reports on utilisation, dispatch schedules and route profiles

Why would I need this?

One answer - great customer experience. Irrespective of the size of your delivery operations, it requires complex coordination between your teams. If you currently do it over phones, spreadsheets or whatsapp, you know it becomes messier at each stage. What if you can manage all this at one place with simple workflows connecting all tasks and visibility over the entire delivery life cycle. That approach is our platform

How would this work?

Our product as a all-in-one SaaS suite, or with simple integrations to your existing POS, billing, order management systems, makes it super easy to create, view and manage delivery workflows for any type of shipment (local/inter-state)

Can you help with a quick example?

Yes. Assuming you handle door-to-door deliveries in a city (grocery, food, ecommerce etc). You would need a plan to schedule deliveries as orders arrive, making sure you complete them with minimum hassle, track them & share that as updates with your customer. To optimise costs you would ideally want least number of bikers to fulfil these orders. Phew! Too much to ask for. We make sure you can manage all this together seamlessly, communicate effectively with your delivery teams and give a rated performance to your customer.

What is the pricing?

Our platform treats a completed shipment/task/trip as the smallest consumable unit for our client and we charge them as multiples of these units. A completed shipment begins with scheduling/planning a dispatch itinerary for a shipment (Pick to B to C to E to Drop), ETA update on request and work alerts based on a workflow (dispatch, halt, arrival etc). A typical user only inputs his start-end locations, set of pick/drop points in between (no particular order), and the resulting itinerary then directs the cargo. For more details on our pricing please request for a free trial