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Harness the Power of Location

Build simple location triggers for your business for better insights
Geofenced Events

Trigger alerts around location with more accurate geofences than native. Configure alerts to walking, cycling, driving with polygonal fences.


Learn about user’s home or office through location history. Fire relevant notifications to increase engagement.


Track users near important places without geofences like a public landmark, airport etc & use it to interact with them personally.


Working with Location is hard

Location data from Mobile Handsets is unusable
Native data is noisy

Native tracking apps struggle with accuracy of location even with GPS. Results are uneven trail & incorrect travels kms.

Consumes Battery

GPS based tracking drains handset battery. Data from cell networks is unreliable.

Noise needs Filtering

Raw location data from tracking apps is unusable. Needs smart location filters to process the noise and return better data.

Simple SDKs for all environments

Few Lines of code. Fewer minutes to integrate in your apps
12 lines of code. 10 minutes to integration
10 lines of code. 8 minutes to integration